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5 Reasons off-line Travel Agents Are Better Than the Internet

Over the years, online booking websites of different travel agency and direct booking from Airline's website have become more popular while travel agents have diminished in importance. Earlier before internet, whenever someone wanted to plan a vacation, most of us used a travel agent. These professional travel agents would book your flights, hotels, honeymoons, resort stays, cruises and everything you need in between. There is no doubt that nowadays due to different competitors and payment partners who work with travel service providers and due to cashless payment systems, there are many cashback and discount offers available to the customers or traveler to lure them to book tickets either from online booking websites or directly from travel service providers. Despite the mentioned reasons, travel agents have seen a surge in demand in recent years, especially when it comes to booking for a group or business trip. Based on our experience and market trend, we would like to share some major reasons why travel agents are still better than internet.

#1. If you are booking both Airline and Hotel A travel agent knows better how to find the best deal combining the all products and services you need. They can get you the deals you can’t find on your own because you don’t have access to the resources they have. They have access to bulk buying options and so many deals. They can match your needs in the best way so that your vacation is seamless and stress-free.

#2. Travel agent can save your time and money Whether they charge a nominal fee or commissions, as many do, but the time and money you spend with them will be returned to you in the form of upgrades, discount, perks, convenience and great service.

#3. They are the experts and your advocate Like a chartered accountant or a doctor, a travel agent will ask you the right set of questions, listen to your answers, understand your needs, and then offer best advice to guide you in making your important decisions. They have good experience since they book trips all the time and know where to go in a city or knows someone who does. it helps to have a reputable resource available who knows the best restaurants, best places for shopping, best place to stay or best places to drink. Also, they act like your advocate in case you need to upgrade your ticket or any other product or out of harm’s way after an earthquake, they will be there for you, negotiating with suppliers on your behalf.

#4 You get someone to assist in case of flight delays/cancellations. At times when your flight gets cancelled and you have to contact the online booking website for claiming the refund, you find yourself in the middle of so many formalities to get your own money back. Even if you contact their customer support department you need to wait in a long queue and they might not offer the refund if it does not meet their terms and conditions. So, the right choice here would be calling your travel agent as soon as possible and they can either arrange another next available flight for you or negotiate for your refund. We at FLIGHTOWORLD also promise to help you get some or a smaller amount of money refunded even in case you did not board the flight. And refunds are processed quicker.

#5. If you are traveling in a groupIf you are traveling in a group, you would want to sit together but things get worst when the Airline or any other travel company's website could not offer you the next seat since you are booking online. And some of the members get to sit at different places in the same flight. A travel agent can get you seats together, on the same flight, at the same price.

So these were few important reasons why travel agents are better than the internet or online booking site. Though we also offer online flight and hotel bookings but recommend you check offline booking as well, at least once. You may likely get a better deal offline. Contact us in case you have any query or if you are planning for a vacation or business trip.